Sponsors and Supporters

One of the best aspects of this story is our sponsors.  When we left Austin I only had a couple hundred bucks in my pocket and really had no idea how far we'd get.  So when I say our Sponsors and Supporters have made this walk possible I mean it! 

Take the Honest Kitchen as an example - they've provided food for the boys since day one.  Lucy Postins, their CEO, didn't know me from anyone but she believed in the cause and has always been there for us.  I've talked to lots of people about raw diets for dogs and while I personally believe it's what natured intended, Murphy's the real spokesperson here.  His love of the Honest Kitchen is legendary and he even invented the 'Murphy Sammich'

Whole Earth Provision Company.  They gave me my Osprey backpack and it's become my second skin.  But even though Whole Earth is based in TX they've stayed with us.  When the internal frame of my pack snapped, they contacted us and Osprey to make sure the problem was being resolved.  That level of consumer attention is so rare these days.

Wagatha's.  I had no idea what that meant until I talked to Norm, one of the two owner operators of this Vermont company.  Kinda like the guy on the TV show Cheers Norm's a big hearted and generous guy.  For every animal shelter we took a day off and volunteered at, he donated a 10lb bag of treats.  But it's all about the cookies comes and more than once I've had my fingers almost taken off at the knuckle for them.  I think the boys have a sign that says, "We Walk for Wagathas".

Summit Vet Pharm. I don't know if any of you visited Ohio last summer but by all accounts it was the worst tick season on record.  It was so bad that we almost quit the walk - I picked a total of 120 ticks off of Murphy in two days and to make matters worse they brought them into the tent.  All night long I was picking them off of me.  I couldn't sleep and quite literally was going mad.  A vet turned us onto Vectra 3D and we haven't had a single tick since.  Summit Vet Pharm saved the walk.

Bowling Green Humane Society.  Speaking of saving... we've spent time with many animal shelters and rescues but one stands above all else.  We just so happened to walk through Bowling Green KY and met the director of their Humane Society, Lorri Hare.  She took me and the boys in 'As Is' and I don't think we ever left Bowling Green.  It's a small rural town of about 70,000 and Lorri has almost everyone there working towards animal welfare and she does so by never ever seeing anything negative.  She's my own personal hero.

Karla Haas of Rudy Greens and Lydia & Patti Best of Everything and the Dog are also some of the amazing people we've met met on our travels and continue to be a part of the walk. 

Folks, these organizations are the best of the best and if Hudson & Murphy and even I ever needed something they've been there for us.  There are many, many more that, too, are an important part of the story.