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puppy up! is our version of man up or cowboy up neither of which can hold a candle to the undaunted spirit of the puppy.  Their instinct for survival is so great that they're unaffected by self doubt or discouraged by uncertain outcomes or the opinions of others. 

It's that spirit that we carry throughout the walk and that of cancer patients who struggle physically and emotionally with challenges.  We've tried to capture that spirit in our puppy up! brand. 

Every purchase supports our cause!  For the complete catalogue, visit our CafePress

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       Pink Tee Short           Pink Tee Long

   Cancer Can't Tee  Cancer Can't Sweatshirt


      Blue Bandana             Pink Bandana



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 'I Want a Murphy' Tee     Baseball Cap    

       Coffee Mug                Pink Tank

       Bumper Sticker               Polo

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